Beyond the rainbow it goes on. - A new day. Today everything is different. A new time has come. The old is over or just about to end. The end is a beginning and the beginning is the end. It is Yin and Yang again. How do you look at it? Is it a new chance for you or do you regret what's past? Always look ahead! See the chances in a new beginning and leave the old behind! Be grateful for everything you had and could achieve, but don't stop. Keep walking on and on! Grow with your new tasks and situations and look forward to what is coming.

Be open for new things, because life is always changing. - The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Thank you, dear Isi, for this wonderful photo - rainbow with view over Berlin from Schöneberg towards Spittelmarkt/Alexanderplatz from yesterday, April 29th, 2020

Birgit Seefeldt

As a certified Soul Communicator I am honored to receive and share daily messages about the current energy of the day with you.


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