Unconditional forgiveness is the greatest love. What does that mean?

Love embraces everything and gives without expectation. To have expectations or to set conditions on which you can or want to forgive is ego. If you can have more love and compassion for yourself and other people and are grateful for your learning tasks and lessons in life that you receive through them, then you are able to forgive more easily and faster and do not set any expectations, do not judge anymore how something has to be for you. Because you recognize and accept that there is something for you to learn. At the same time you admit to your counterpart that he too is still in the school of life. It is also important for you to understand that everything that shows itself to you is there because it is ready for transformation. Therefore, practice unconditional forgiveness and allow this transformation. Forgive and be free of old burdens and allow your counterpart to experience the same!

Unconditional forgiveness is love.

Unconditional forgiveness brings inner peace and joy, so forgive unconditionally and let go!

Birgit Seefeldt

As a certified Soul Communicator I am honored to receive and share daily messages about the current energy of the day with you.


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